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Sleeve Gastrectomy - Obesity Surgery


Sleeve Gastrectomy is a bariatric surgery involving removal of a part of the stomach. This leads to reduction of stomach volume and only little food can be accommodated. The objective of this surgery is to restrict diet of the patient without his / her feeling hungry. Small stomach and small meals result in impressive weight loss. This is also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.


This surgery is done under General Anesthesia and the time taken to perform could be between 60 to 90 minutes. If the recovery after surgery is normal then the patient requires hospital stay of 2 days only.


 During the surgery about 80% to 85% of the stomach is removed - this is really a stomach reduction surgery. Normally it is done Laparoscopically through 5 to 6 abdominal punctures. There is no re routing or bypassing of the elementary canal.


After the surgery digestion is normal and weight reduction is achieved by body consuming its own store of fat cells . . . . More >>


Results of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery are rapid weigh loss . . . . More >>


Currently Sleeve Gastrectomy i,e Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is performed In India at Mumbai and Delhi by Reputed Senior experienced surgeons.


Cost Of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery :


The cost depends on procedure type, open or laparoscopic, patient condition, choice of ward and hospital, More >>


Surgeons are committed to reasonable costs and excellent results. For transparent cost policy please click here. For case specific evaluation kindly contact us.


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