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Gastric Band Surgery India - Obesity Surgery


Gastric Band procedure places an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach. The objective of this surgery is to constrict the passage by adjusting the band. This results in restricted diet and consequent weight loss. This Bariatric Surgery is also known as Lap Band Surgery.


This surgery is done under general anesthesia laparoscopically by puncturing the abdomen as under :


An adjustable band is placed so that the stomach is divided into two parts allowing a narrow passage - It should remind you of a sand clock. The upper part is smaller than the lower part and is called the POUCH. The idea is to reduce the speed of passage of the food from the upper segment of the stomach to the lower segment. Since the size of the upper segment POUCH is small, the patient feels full after eating a small meal.


Following the gastric band surgery the passage can be adjusted without involving surgery.


This surgery does not involve any cuts, bypassing or stapling inside the abdomen.


I usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes to perform this procedure and normally an overnight stay at the hospital.


With respect to other Obesity Surgeries the rate of weight loss after gastric band is lower.


The surgeon may recommend removal of gallbladder too to avoid formation of gallstones following bypass surgery.


Immediately after the Gastric Band Surgery patient will not be given any oral diet . . . .  More >>


Results of Gastric Band Surgery are weigh loss . . . . More >>


Currently Gastric Band Surgery is performed In India at Mumbai and Delhi by Reputed Senior experienced surgeons.


Cost Of Gastric Band Surgery :


The cost depends on many factors like patient condition, choice of ward and hospital, More >>


Surgeons are committed to reasonable costs and excellent results. For transparent cost policy please click here. For case specific evaluation kindly contact us.


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