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Gastric Bypass Surgery India - Obesity Surgery


The main objective of this Bariatric surgery is to help lose weight by stomach reduction and bypassing a part of the small intestine. This results in restricted diet due to small stomach and reduced absorption of calories and all this results in impressive weight loss.


Gastric Bypass surgery is also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.


This surgery is done in two stages :


First Stage : Stomach Reduction.

The stomach is divided into two parts. The upper part and the lower part. The upper segment of the stomach is much much smaller than the lower segment. The smaller upper part is called the POUCH and it is where all the food will go to (It will no longer go to the larger lower portion of the stomach after surgery) this stomach reduction achieved by dividing the stomach into two segments. This results in low appetite and the patient can not eat much and starts feeling full after a small meal.


Second Stage : Bypass.

The upper segment of the stomach (POUCH) is now connected to the Jejunum. (Jejunum is located further down from where the stomach attaches to small intestine). Thus a considerable length of Small Intestine is also bypassed. This results in lower absorption of calories.


The above two stages combined together bypass the Large lower segment of the stomach and a length of the small intestine up to Jejunum. This bypass procedure is known as Gastric Bypass or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass etc.


The surgeon may recommend removal of gallbladder too to avoid formation of gallstones following bypass surgery.


The Surgery is done under General Anesthesia and takes roughly 4 hours to complete.


This surgery can be done in two ways one is open surgery in which a long incision is made. The second method is laparoscopic. This is less invasive, entire surgery is done through 4 to 6 abdominal punctures. The laparoscopic method is the preferred option but in some cases it may not be clinically possible and the only option left would be the first method.


Immediately after the Gastric Bypass Surgery patient will not be given any oral diet . . . .  More >>


Results of Gastric Bypass Surgery are rapid weigh loss . . . . More >>


Currently Gastric Bypass Surgery is performed In India at Mumbai and Delhi by Reputed Senior experienced surgeons.


Cost Of Gastric Bypass Surgery :


The cost depends on procedure type, open or laparoscopic, patient condition, choice of ward and hospital, More >>


Surgeons are committed to reasonable costs and excellent results. For transparent cost policy please click here. For case specific evaluation kindly contact us.


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