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Female Breast Reconstruction India - Flap Reconstruction


This procedure is suitable for female patients who have lost one of their breasts due to some disease or surgery. The Objective of the surgery is to restore confidence and looks.


Types Of Breast Reconstruction Surgeries


Breast augmentation can be performed in following ways. All are FDA approved methods.

  1. Breast Implants : In this procedure first a Tissue Expander is placed temporarily. This creates a pocket with the passage of time. Once the desired size of the pocket is attained, appropriate silicone implant is inserted. The procedure is completed in many stages.

  2. Flap Reconstruction : This involves harvesting tissue from one's own body, back, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and transplanting it to the chest area. When the tissue are taken from the abdomen then it is known as TRAM FLAP. When it is taken from the back then it is known as DORSI MUSCLE FLAP.

All Breast Reconstruction Surgeries are micro surgeries and take considerable time to perform and are done under General Anesthesia.


Immediately after the surgery there would be temporary soreness, swelling, bruising - these are controlled by medication.


Total healing time is about 4 weeks.


Results are permanent and can be seen immediately after the surgery but patients should not expect the same sensation as they experience in original, natural breasts. The surgeon tries his / her best to shape the breast as close as possible to the other existing breast but 100% perfection should not be expected.


The facility for this surgery is available in India at Delhi and Mumbai.


Cost of female breast Reconstruction surgeries :

The cost of female breast reconstruction surgery differs from patient to patient depending on her condition and the method. For transparent cost policy please click here. For case specific evaluation kindly contact us.


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