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Female Breast Augmentation Surgery India (Augmentation Mammoplasty)


Female breast size can be increased safely by FDA approved plastic surgery procedures. The results are satisfactory and pleasing. Objectives of the surgery are Attractive Looks and Figure, Happiness, Boost in Self Confidence, Attaining desired Image etc.


Caution !! Is your surgeon Exclusively and Specially Trained for 'Best Results' and 'Breast Implant Patient Safety' By Large FDA Approved Foreign Breast Implant Manufacturing Companies Like Johnson & Johnson / Mentor ?? The Likely answer is "No". Time to think before you decide. Only a very few handpicked and selected surgeons in India have received this cutting edge exclusive additional training. Pause To Think And Choose Wisely !!


Types Of Breast Enlargement Surgeries


Breast augmentation can be performed in two following ways. Both are FDA approved methods.

  1. Breast Implants : This is the most common and successful method. Silicone implants are inserted which immediately enhance the volume of the breasts. It is recommended that FDA approved implants are used for patient safety even if these are a little costly than non approved cheap substitutes.

  2. Fat Grafting : In this procedure first fat is first harvested from any donor site and then injected into the breast area. The main shortcomings of this method are that it has to be repeated up to two to three times because the human body absorbs between 25% to 50% of the fat cells. Secondly, if the patient does not have sufficient extra fat deposits then it can not be done.

Reasons for females to choose Breast Augmentation are many. Some of them are as under :

  1. Underdeveloped breasts.

  2. Inappropriate figure or mismatch between bust line and the waist line.

  3. Desire to have larger breasts.

  4. Post Pregnancy Breast Correction - have become smaller and not as firm as before.

  5. Correction of breasts that have become smaller and lost shape after weight loss.

  6. Balance the difference in size between the two.

  7. Sagging Breasts - In some cases this too can be corrected in many cases without undergoing breast lift surgery.

The surgery is done normally under general anesthesia or Local Anesthesia under Sedition. It takes about two hours or more to perform. The point of incision could be many - Armpit, Under the breast fold, Around the lower portion of the areola, Lower crease of the breasts. The scarring is hidden in body folds and fades to a great extent within a few months or by the end of the year.


Immediately after the surgery there would be temporary soreness, swelling, bruising - these are controlled by medication.


Back to work in a few days. The patient is free to go about her routine after the surgery. Internal healing takes 3 to 4 weeks and it is recommended to avoid contact with breasts during this period.


The Results of breast augmentation surgery are long lasting and are visible immediately after the procedure. Breast Implants are safe and there is no evidence to suggest that silicone implants affect fertility, pregnancy or feeding (nursing).


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Breast enlargement procedure can be combined with Breast Lift procedure (Mastopexy), Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Nose Surgery, Female Genital Rejuvenation etc.


Reputed, Senior Female Super - Specialist surgeon along with her all female team is also available for Female patients preferring to be operated by a female surgeon in India at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.


Cost of female breast augmentation surgeries :

The cost of female breast augmentation surgery differs from patient to patient depending on her condition, size of implant and method of procedure (fat grafting or implant). For Cost of Breast Augmentation you will have to discuss your case with us. The costs are different from patient to patient depending on the condition of the patient and the scope of surgery. However, Indosurgery's Best Price Policy ensures Breast Augmentation at Reasonable Costs - much less than what is charged by many hospitals. Our transparent policy on costs is available under the COSTS section please click on COSTS to view it. We request you to contact us for more patient specific cost information.

International patients may kindly go through the International patients section also.


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